Experience, Knowledge and Determination: Why Marco is Successful Massage Therapist and More. Crooked Spine Show

Marco’s life experiences and current journey to challenge his own health, allows you to see his dedication to be his best. This allows Marco to give his best in your massage, and reaching your health goals. Watch this interview to see how genuinely passionate he works to help you.

Topics for the show::

-what type of jobs did you do before finding your passion?

-why did you choose massage therapy to help people.

-did you have a mentor to help you as massage therapist.

-how did you build your clientele.

-is staying healthy a priority for you. Why?

-what type of clients do you help.

-for each massage you offer, what are the benefits.

-what do you recommend your clients to do after the massage, including habits (stretching, etc) to stay flexible, pain-free.

-how have you built your professional reputation

-how has social media helped you personally and professionally?

Connect with Marco A. Hernandez

And Next Level Sports Massage (his company ):







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