Is there a Better Solution for Chronic Pain, that Chiropractic can Provide? Chiropractor & Author Dr. Calvin Hargis explains. Crooked Spine Show

We have an epidemic of chronic pain in America. Over 50% of all doctors visit are for spine or body pain. Out of our own pockets, we billions spend on unnecessary tests and procedures. Of the 141 medical schools in the U.S., only 15% require any training. When doctors don’t have the training to adequately diagnosis and treat these conditions they prescribe potent and addictive pain medications. Is this the reason for this Epidemic?

Dr. Calvin Hargis is a Chiropractic Orthopedist and author of “Healing the Human Machine.” He as also the creator of several home tools to help pain suffers help themselves. He is here to help us understand a better solution to fix our pains, and give us the research why.

Today’s Topics:

-what is a chiropractic orthopedist? And how does it allow you to help patients differently?

-how has chronic pain become an epidemic in America? Is the medical approach working?

-how has chiropractic become one of the leading cures for chronic pain, that people still don’t know about?

-What tools in knowledge do you use to help diagnose and treat people chronic pain?

-do you provide your patience with at home care solutions for their pains?

-left field question: how does the weather influence pain?

-Your book, “Healing the Human Machine.” How does it help people?

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