Dehydration: What are the Signs & Your Recovery Steps @Gibson Aug. ’23. Crooked Spine Show

Have you ever been dehydrated? I have. It does NOT feel good. This workshop will help you understand how you will can feel when your dehydrated. Then how to keep your body well hydrated (especially if you know your body will be exerted in the heat), include our steps to recovery. Check it out.

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-What you can FEEL when dehydrated: -muscle cramps -tired, lack of energy -headaches -anxiety.

Causes of dehydration: -medications -specific beverages -exercise exertion -not adjusting diet to a change in climate -not wanting to go to the bathroom.

What you can do to stay hydrated: -eating specific fruits/vegetables -take electrolyte supplements -consciously drinking specific amounts of water/day -avoiding minimizing dehydrating beverages/foods -specific movements