The Vitamins & Minerals You & Your Baby Need-for up to 3 years of Life. Jerry Baker explains the Research. Crooked Spine Show

Is there a time that parents can affect their child’s health? The first 1,000 days – the period between conception and a child’s second birthday. This is the time of rapid development of the brain, the body, and the immune system; and requires proper nutrition as fuel to drives a child’s early development. Jerry Baker has the research that backs up this truth, with the specific vitamins and minerals needed for this early development. Jerry explains this on today’s show.

Topics for today—

-Why parents (especially if you’re American) need to know this and be proactive early.

-how a “mom-to-be” can be deficient in these minerals and vitamins to effect development even during pregnancy.(iodine, omega-3, vitamin D, calcium, folate, and iron).

-can all these minerals and vitamins come from the standard American diet? Or a prenatal?

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