“A Healthy Dose of Controversy” Show. Hosts Zaed Hindi & Leslie Contreras. Put Dr. Tony in the hot seat.

Dr. Tony is in the hot seat today on “The healthy dose of Controversy Show” with Zaed Hindi and Leslie Contreras We discuss all things chiropractic including the philosophy and practice of this “quackery,” alternative form of healthcare over the last hundred years to the present; And clarify how it relates to your health.

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(2:00) What evidence links chiropractic to a person’s health.

(5:20) How chiropractic (communicated this way) help’s a patient, long-term.

(7:30) Chiropractic’s ethical boundaries; what we fix, and don’t fix.

(11:30) #1 job as a chiropractor.

(12:50) The death rate of medical doctor’s drug treatments.

(15:30) If chiros are really doctors, how are they different than medical doctors?

(18:50) Is the adjustment (ninja neck snap) safe?

(23:30) How can chiropractors improve their reputation as healthcare practitioners.