Controlling Your Health? Experts Brian & Jill, Founders of New Self, Explain How. Crooked Spine Show

Brian and Jill, founders of New Self, are here as our guests to debate this topic. The medical approach commonly will proclaim your health is dominated by your Genetics (what health conditions, body type, etc. are passed down from our parents); this means you are largely NOT in control of your health. There is long-term evidence that rebuttals this is the study of Epigenetics. Brian and Jill have over 40 years of experience in the health care arena. They have both experienced set backs in their personal health that was helped through a functional medicine approach. Now as functional health wellness consultants they want to help people take control of their own health. Jill and Brian will breakdown Epigenetics to help you understand how to control your ability to stay healthy through your lifestyle, and more.

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(4:30) Brian’s cancer survivor story; why he chose this profession.

(6:30) The medical paradigm is like a triangle.

(7:00) Jill: how she was an advocate for herself &  her dad; her reason to become a functional medicine clinician.

(9:00) Understanding your Epigenetics & Environment to control health.

(17:00) The 4 Pillars to improve your gene expression, to be healthy.

(19:00) Initial patient evaluation for…inflammation, toxins, etc. to know your stressors.

(22:00) How mindset effects your recovery – where coaching helps you.

(26:00) Nutrition pillar and the labs to heal your gut.

(32:40) Sleep (pillar 2) evaluation and how to improve; blue light effects.

(38:00) Motion/exercise (pillar 3) daily routine; building one with help.

(43:00) Stress: the 4th pillar. Affected by changing the first 3 pillars. And time management.

(48:45) Seeing client’s hard work pay off by the 4 pillars shifting.

(51:20) Brian & Jill’s takeaway: helping client’s find a different way to be their best, for life.