Is Your Home Making You Sick? 6 Steps to a Proper Evaluation. Expert Mark, The Mold Guy explains. Crooked Spine Show

Mark Levy is the founder of The Mold Guy in 2005. He has the experience and knowledge in performing comprehensive mold inspections specifically for hyper-sensitive individuals with complex health issues like Biotoxin illness, Lyme, CFS/ME (Chronic Fatigue) and Autoimmune Issues. This is why every team member who inspects a home is a Certified Mold Inspector & Certified Microbial Investigator.Mark and his team have a passion to help professionals in his industry; and the families they serve to live in a mold-free, healthy home.

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(4:20) Where Mark found the passion for this specialty service.

(9:10) What Mark looks for (that your doctor might miss).

(10:45) How The Mold Guy teams members start -the home’s history.

(16:30) Why the crawl spaces, inner walls, attic, etc. impact your health.

(23:40) This 6-step process in client consultation. And how it can to help your health practitioner help your health recovery.

(34:40) The Report: the work plan to help your remediation company clean your home PROPERLY.

(39:00) How this inspection report improves your health.

(44:20) Mark’s takeaway: setting a standard to evaluate, then clean your home to improve your health.