How This Massage Therapist that Helps you in this Post-Pandemic World. Monique Johnson, Total Body Bliss. Crooked Spine Spine

Through the pandemic most massage centers were shut down. Massage therapist who had a passion to help people during this time were able to adapt and (when it was safe) find ways to practice their craft. Monique Johnson was one of those people. I am fascinated by Monique’s story of resilience, and now success, in growing her personal massage spa, Total Body Bliss. As an expert in her art, I want to help us understand the different massage techniques and other services Monique uses to help her clients feel healthy. And then why Monique’s clients continue to use her services to stay healthy.

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(3:20) How Monique built her experience over the last 18+ years; and grew her clientele during Covid.

(6:50) The benefit of having her massage center at her home property.

(9:40) Monique’s self care helps take care of you, long-term.

(12:30) Monique explains how she customizes her many treatments based on your needs.

(15:40) Problems clients are coming in with now; how Monique is helping them.

(20:10) Help when chronic pain causes mental stress, anxiety.

(23:50) Starting Your self care routine in 2023 -Moniques’s recommendations.

(26:00) Why Dr. Tony thinks you should make Monique part of your self care team.