Keeping Your #1 Tool (You) from Breaking Down. Dr. Tony guests on The IronWorker Podcast. Crooked Spine Show

Hosts Russ, Tanner and Kevin are Ironworkers Union Local 27 in Salt Lake, Utah.  They ask great questions how to keep their brothers (especially the new apprentice) healthy in the Union Labor Trades. Answers: flexibility, hydration, sleep, and more. Learn these so you can enjoy the benefits for you and family long-term without injury.

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(8:20) Becoming a chiropractor: the schooling and licensing.

(12:50) Do you want it: the maturity needed in any profession.

(17:40) The day in the life of a chiropractic office.

(19:20) The #1 injury reason for a labor profession.

(21:10) Common ironworker injuries. How they are assessed and treatment.

(29:10) Want to avoid the doctor/chiropractor/surgeons? Do this.

(31:10) How staying hydrated keeps you and your team safe.

(36:00) Drug and alcohol use. When it’s NOT ok.

(38:50) Protecting your #1 Tool from breaking down.

(44:00) These stretches done daily to prevent injury (see link above).

(56:40) Why Euclid Chiropractic helps people THIS way.

(60:00) Some wild adjustment stories.

(1:09:50) How the the ironworkers union (and this podcast) provides mentorship the right way.