How Chiropractic Works to Return Your High Quality of Life. In-office Talk May ’19. Crooked Spine Show

As Chiropractors, we are looking improve one’s quality of life through removing nerve interference that is causing stress on the body.  This workshop will help you understand how the nerves connect through the body starting pre-birth; then how removing nerve interference when we are stressed from our environment, posture, trauma and emotional stress can help us return to a relaxed and strong state to regain a high quality of health.

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(2:15) How the body connects together.

(7:15) Nerves health: healthy to irritated to low voltage.

(13:30) How to reduce/stop taking pain medications.

(17:50) Nerve chart (mapping your health conditions). -Here is the link. Effect on muscle pain, nutrition.

(22:45) Sleep deprivation leads to hormonal changes to stay on a stress state.

(30:45) P.M.A -your motivation to get better.

(32:15) H.N.S. -#1 reason for health/sickness.