Stretching: How to Start Building a Routine with These Exercises. @Gibson May ’22. Crooked Spine Show

Lack of stretching is my #1 reason people experience pain. I teach my patients to have a balance of flexibility with strength to handle their stress of their day. When people learn to build a DAILY stretching routine, they can prevent and recover from painful injuries. Today’s workshop will help start this process including simple exercises that will keep your body more flexible.

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Here is the workshop’s outline:

Why stretching prevents injury, increases strength, and helps your body relax.

Steps to setting up your routine.

1. What time of day?

2. What location (home or gym) If at home what room?

3. What equipment will you need? When stretching.

1. Does it feel uncomfortable, painful or tight?

2. How long will you hold the stretch?

3. How many times will you repeat the stretch?

Sample Stretches to build your routine.

1. Upper Trap.

2. Broomstick.

3. Low Back Roll.

4. Lying down Side Hip Stretch.

5. Cobra pose (full or assisted)

6. Downward Dog pose (full, chair assisted)