Protect your Health: Know these Toxins We put In and On our Body. Guest Beth Smith explains how.

Your health long-term comes down to the simple things we already do: what we put IN our body (eat, drink) and ON our body (skincare products). Beth Smith is a certified Integrative Health Practitioner, and founder of Better Health by Beth. She uses her knowledge, experience, lab testing and more to improve people’s health by helping you remove toxins, improve your mindset and food choices in your daily life.

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Let’s find out how. Here are today’s topics–

1. Changing our mindset from food being good or bad to viewing food as nourishment and medicine.

2.Toxins in your home that could be contributing to your current health issues.

3.How skincare products can also be healthy.

4.Functional medicine lab testing and what it can show you

5.My personal health crisis and how it led me to become an Integrative Health Practitioner