Want to grow Professionally? Grow your Business? Start here. Guest Ana Robles. #CrookedSpineShow

Can a coach help you personally, so can can grow business? Ana Robles is a successful coach that works on our mind first, so you a company can grow with less stress.  In today’s episode she shares here secrets that will help you see the “simple things” that are blocking your personal and professional success.  Enjoy the show.

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(626) 757 9681

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(3:00) Ana’s experience and training before becoming a coach.

(7:15) Reprogramming your self-talk.

(10:00) Steps to applying a positive mindset to your work, vocation.

(12:40) Finding your blind spots.

(16:45) Working on (not in) your business; what is the difference.

(18:45) Grow your business by delegating. How?

(23:00) Find the balance in business to be happy.

(25:10) Being uncomfortable to grow.