How to Check and Reset Your Posture, Standing & Sitting; then Exercises to Improve. @Gibson July ’21

Feeling neck or back pain when sitting or standing?  The underlying problem can be your posture.  This workshop (first since the start of Covid) will show you how to improve your sitting and standing posture. Also you will learn exercises to build strength and endurance to hold these better positions.  Then the pain cannot come back.

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(1;15) Why posture is important.

(3:20) Sitting Posture setup.

(8:50) Stand Posture checklist.

(14.40) Walking posture exercises (feet rolling, heel to toe).

(16:10) Fixing rounded shoulders; these 3 exercises.

(30:50) Lunge exercises to relax your front hips.

(35:00) Side hip stretches.

(41:00) Calf stretch to avoid cramps, tightness.

(46:20) Quick review of today’s exercises.