Using Yoga & Breath Work to Help Mental & Physical Health? Guest Hailey Johnson. Crooked Spine Show

Can Yoga help you relax? Feel less stressed? Hailey Johnson is the founder of Bloom Yoga and Wellness. She is a Certified Yoga instructor whose mission is to teach others how to find inner peace and happiness through breath work and yoga.  She is a former NCAA gymnast with over 17 years of athletic experience. She brings authenticity and vulnerability to each class, providing a safe place for you to show up exactly as you are.

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(2:35) -Why yoga and breath work has become Hailey’s passion.

(5:20) -Competing as a collegiate gymnast, Hailey different yoga practices improved her health, differently.

(9:40) -Hailey explains yoga and breath work.

(14:00) -Why yoga is for everyone.

(16:30) -Is there a length of time practicing yoga to see results?

(18:00) -Do you want with chair yoga? Hailey explains the benefits.

(18:50) -How Dr. Tony was humbled at his first yoga practice.

(20:20) -How yoga increase flexibility, strength.

(22:30) -What yoga practices does Hailey teach? How to prevent injury during yoga?

(25:10)-Health, and physical benefits of yoga and breath work.

(30:10)-This yoga for the busy, stressed person. Hailey explains.