Understanding your Nerves Connection to Health. In-office Jan ’19 replay. Crooked Spine Show

Chiropractors help improve your nervous system function by the adjustment. This talk links the sources of your neck, back and other pains to your nerves. Including your nerves effect on the your overall health. Learn how to get and stay healthy using chiropractic and exercise. Then get and stay strong and relaxed. Checkout the show.

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Highlights (podcast times):

(4:33) Your nerves connection through the body.

(7:30) Healthy or irritated nerves -how it works.

(10:30) The Nerve Chart: link between nerves to how you feel. 

(17:30) Nerves effect on sleep, anxiety, stress.

(24:30) Nerves link to attitude.

(32:05) How to get and stay in good physical health-simple, but work.