Upper Torso & Core Strength Exercises, Part 2. Derek & Dr. Tony. Episode 5. Crooked Spine Show

Want exercises to help get rock hard abs, so you can show off?  Well, this episode is does not give those; but will help you improve the deep muscles of the upper torso/core.  The stretches and strength exercises Derek demonstrates will help improve your balance, posture and movements to avoid injury.  When these muscle are flexible and strong then you have less risk of injury bending and lifting heavy weight. Listen to Derek’s reasoning why stretching your core is more important than crunching.  And Derek will give you the secret to rock hard abs too.

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(7:30) Understanding the muscles and movement of the upper torso.

(12:40) Leg and upper body raise exercises -this way.

(21:45) Exercise ball (part 1) proper use.

(26:00) Proper trunk rotation exercise.

(32:30) Stretch the core first, then crunch (part 2).

(38:15) Shopping care or rings exercise.

(44:10) Exercise in full extension (part 3).