Building Better Balance. @Gibson Aug ’19. (replay) Crooked Spine Show

Want better balance? Get better posture first. Why? Good posture allows proper spinal joints motion.  This trains your brain to have faster connection when you move, and build the small muscles around your spine.  The result is less neck and back pain. This workshop walks you through the steps to improving our balance by correcting your posture when you stand, sit and walk. Then a few exercises to keep your big muscles of your back to keep your new posture. Watch or listen.

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(1:40) First, finding good balance (maybe not your balance).

(3:40) Feet position affect on posture/balance.

(7:20) Walking checklist to improve posture.

(9:40) Rolling feet exercise to help balance.

(15:50) Exercise: combine walking with rolling feet; forward, backward.

(24:50) Lunge exercise: helps balance and getting up from the floor. Demo by Mr. & Mrs. Antoniak.

(38:00) Review of today’s exercises.