Scoliosis: How Yoga helps you Stay Happy & Healthy. Guest Christine of Crooked Spine Show

Do you have scoliosis? Does it affect your quality of life? Our guest today, Christine Jaureguiberry of the United Kingdom is an empathetic yoga instructor because yoga helped heal her scoliosis. Like the United States the U.K. medical system has a “wait and see” approach to scoliosis; let’s wait until it bad enough for surgery to help a person. This is NOT the best approach. This episode with Christine will help give you a proper mindset, and the steps to start improve your scoliosis through Yoga.

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(2:35) How Christine became passionate about helping people with scoliosis.

(12:20) Why you should “Just Do It.”

(17:20) Christine’s evolution to an empathetic instructor.

(23:50) Should you move when it is uncomfortable?

(32:00) How to start helping yourself.

(36:50) You get what you pay for -applies to your healthcare too.

(40:20) Working one-on-one with Christine; what to expect.

(45:20) How Christine’s videos and social media can help you, now.