CSP 083: Exercises to Building Torso & Core Strength. Derek & Dr. Tony. Episode 5. Crooked Spine Show

Want a stronger back and core? Derek explains how a stronger torso/core can help the athlete to the desk jockey to the homemaker move pain-free and efficiently.  Derek will teach you the stretches and strength exercises needed for the pelvis and hips in this episode (part 1 of 2).

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(3:30) How your torso/core helps you move.

(8:00) Starting your assessment with hip stretching.

(23:45) Next, improving pelvis movement and balance.

(30:50) Building torso strength on the ball exercises.

(36:30) Plank exercise: explained for front torso strength.

(40:00) Now strengthening the side torso (side plank).

(43:00) Posterior pelvic tilt exercises.

(45:10) Hip rotation exercise (on the floor, ball and standing).

(53:30) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.