Top Ten Crooked Spine Spine Show of All Time. This is 6-10. #crookedspineshow

Spending the last four short years doing this podcast has allowed us to interview some guests that can give you “all-time” advice how to stay healthy, mentally and physically.  We have broken up the top ten podcast, and here is 6 – 10. Next week will top 1 -5.  In the podcast you will hear the highlights each podcast posted (links in the post). Enjoy. 

6. CSP 019: Massage+Therapy with Henry of ASB Therapy

Connect and contact Henry at ASB Therapy:

Your Habits Helps or Hurts You -with Henry of ASB Therapy. Short Clip

7. Feet, Ankle, Walking Exercises for Balance & Posture @Brookdale Aug ’18

Improve Walking, Balance Exercises. Bill demos.

8. CSP 041: Suicide Prevention. Norima, Mental Health Expert

Contact and connect with Norina Verduzco-Murphy, MSW, LCSW:

Suicide: A Common Risk Factor for Kids. Clip

9. CSP 029: Detect Life-threatening Condition by Ultrasound w/ Christy Jones

Check out their site and next event:


Digita Imaging Ultrasound: Removing Life Threatening Risks on the Crooked Spine Show

10. CSP 032: Interview w/ Narcie of Cable Crossfit. Trusted Trainers and Family Feel.


1320 N Benson Ave

Upland, California

Cable Crossfit: Members Helping Members. Short Clip

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