CSP 065: Knowing your Medicare Benefits to Save Money, Lower Stress. Guest Anthony Aragon on the Crooked Spine Show

Over ten thousand Americans enroll in a Medicare plan EVERYDAY.  WOW!  Do these people really understand their medical and non-medical benefits? Do they know their copays, discounts, etc.?  And in case of emergency do their spouse or children know how to access benefits?  Anthony Aragon is a medicare advocate and has spend the last 3 years understand Medicare and the current changes.  Listen in.

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(2:10) Why Anthony is a medicare advocate.

(5:00) MediCARE vs. mediCAL. Know the qualifying limits.

(6:00) Medicare parts A, B, C etc. explained.

(9:00) Save money by knowing your benefits.

(13:50) The doughnut hole -explained.

(14:50) The different Tiers of medicare.

(32:00) How being in or out of network effects you.

(37:00) Avoiding medicare fraud.

(41:00) Having guardians and your kids understand your benefits.

(48:55) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.