Staying Healthy through 2020. @Brookdale Jan. ’20. Crooked Spine Show

It feels like we have had to adapt our routines to limit our activities and change our diet. Setting goals NOW, can help you this second half of the year improve your health and life. Being consistent with a NEW routine can get you results…over time.  Here are some tips to get you ready to make a change.

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(2:00) Starting where you are.

(3:20) Be patient when changing habits.

(5:00) Getting healthy by being uncomfortable.

(8:20) Being consistent to get better habits.

(9:20) Why nutrition is important.

(12:50) How attitude helps; P.M.A.

(14:00) Neighbors -social interaction can help; or hurt.

(19:50) Helping others helps you too.

(23:50) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.