CSP 064: Tips to Finding a Life Coach. And with Reiki? Guest Laura Medrano on the Crooked Spine Show

Want an easier way to get your mind and body healthier?  Getting a life coach is more common because people get good results…quickly.  Coaching can help you avoid the trial and error (and failure) of changing your habits to live a better life for you. And add Reiki to your coaching? Wow! Checkout this interview.

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(2:15) Starting from within; taking small steps.

(3:50) Benefit of Laura’s experience to becoming a coach.

(13:10) Staying happy is a choice.

(16:50) Reiki with coaching? The benefits.

(19:10) How energy flow works to keep you healthy.

(23:10) The side effects of Reiki.

(25:10) How Laura’s new course can improve your mental and physical health.

(28:10) Why we should invest in ourselves.

(30:40) Tips for sleeping.

(32:20) How bookending your day helps.

(36:40) How to stay on track when getting healthy.

(41:30) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.