Diabetes Type 2: Lifestyle Changes for Recovery & Prevention. Guest & Expert Layne Vanlieshout explains. Crooked Spine Show

Did your doctor tell you having Type 2 Diabetes (or being pre-diabetic) is forever? Liars! Expert Layne Vanlieshout can empathize with your anxiety, and how she (and you) can cover naturally. In this interview Layne breaks down what to eat and when to eat them. She links specific carbohydrates can help or hurt your recovery. Also, how your lifestyle (especially sleep and stress) effects your blood sugar; including our mindset toward food. Learn this and more with Layne today’s interview, and her daily tips on your Instagram and TikTok.

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The big topics today—-

-The importance of blood sugar stabilization

-Signs of imbalanced blood sugar

-Insulin resistance as an early marker of impending diabetes

-What labs tells us

-Hacks to stabilize your blood sugar, and more.