How Motion keeps your Body and Mind Relaxed. And How to Start. @Gibosn Oct. ’22. Crooked Spine Show

When you are stressed, how to do feel? Do you have habits/routines that calm you down? In this workshop we explain how your body’s nervous and hormonal systems respond to movement to help you feel relaxed. Then we give you a few exercises to start a daily routine to handle the stress of your day and still feel healthy.

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How do you feel when your (1) Relaxed (2)Stressed?

What hormones are activated when you are stressed or relaxed.



Which nerve branches  (located in your spine and brian) are related to being relaxed or stressed.



What joints of your body have a high amount of nerve density.

*Putting it together:  Joint motion → nerve stimulation →hormone release → how you feel.*

Simple Ways to Improve Motion


-Ankle motion (ex: rotation while sitting,

-wrist motion (rotation, tossing a ball,

-Shoulder motion (rotation with elbow bent, straight

-pelvic tilt (while sitting)

-and whatever YOU like to do.