Thyroid Conditions Healed WITHOUT Medication by using this Standard, Medical Method. Expert Maria Merlo explains.

Feeling constant fatigue? Unexplained weight gain, overly stressed? Your doctor may diagnose you with a thyroid condition. In this interview with Maria Merlo of Splend Health LLC is our expert in abnormal thyroid function recovery, naturally, to avoid medication-based side effects. Learn how recovery through changes in your diet, environment, stress and more can help you regain your vitality and quality of life.

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Highlights today’s interview–

What does the thyroid do for the body; what is normal and abnormal; a

-Symptoms of an abnormal thyroid.

-How is your thyroid affected by your environment (foods, stress, activities, household products).

-How an imbalance can present as a hormonal imbalance.

-What is a healthy food and why is absorption important?

-Simple steps to regain vitality instantly.