Want Your Business to Grow without more Stress? High-End Business Coach Tera Nelson tells You How.

Tera Nelson is a strategic business coach in Pennsylvania for high-end clients worldwide. Tera’s passion is to help people build their brand first to help bring attention and buyers to your services. Today she will explain her secret steps of “Focus-Capture-Develop” to help people enjoy growing a business with less stress. Tera will also explain the KEY to stay passionate and avoid burnout to ride the ups and downs of business.

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(6:00) Who is Tera? What is her business?

(7:30) Starting with your mindset. Tera’s 3 steps.

( 9:10) Finding who you are; then your value to whom you serve; and adjust when needed.

(16:15) How a business coach saves you time, money; and grow your business.

(22:00) When will you see results from coaching?

(25:30) Where to find help, including coaching.

(32:30) #1 way coaching can help you.

(36:30) Getting out of Covid, it’s time to re-evaluate. Mini Brand Blue Print.