Let’s Get Uncomfortable to Get Healthy. On The You Don’t Have To Be Perfect Podcast with host Vanessa Luu. Crooked Spine Show

Need SIMPLE tips how to get healthy? Here are some simple concepts, but they will take time to help change your lifestyle to get and stay healthy.  Today’s show Vanessa and I go over the truth about getting healthy for the long run.  It may not feel comfortable…good!  We will explain why in the show.  And when you are healthy, then today’s stress will be a piece of cake.  Checkout the show.

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(1:45) Why I became a chiropractor. 

(4:25) How to get your body healthy and relaxed. 

(8:35) Why it’s difficult to keep healthy routines. 

(12:45) Changing your mindset to get healthy. 

(14:35) Power of questions, writing it down. 

(17:00) My favorite crooked Spine Show episode. 

(19:15) How Euclid Chiropractic can help you.