The Five Principles of Migraine Relief Created by Expert Courtney Beck. Crooked Spine Show

You are lucky if you have never had migraines. This week’s guest expert Courtney Beck suffered and now recovered; Courtney is a nurse practitioner, mother, and wife. Now her passion as a health coach is helping migraine sufferers through one on one consulting, so you recover your quality of life, naturally. Here at the 5 fundamental principles to your recovery: functional labs, education, lifestyle changes, detoxification. and mindset.

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A few highlights including the principles:

(3:20) How Courtney helped herself, first, to fix her migraines.

(5:20) Which blood work helps diagnose your migraine causes.

(10:00) Education: the types, symptoms and triggers of migraines.

(13:40) Specific lifestyle changes through a coach.

(19:30) Why your medical doctor will NOT give you self-care habits; Courtney will.

(22:20) How to detox to help migraine relief.

(24:25) The proper mindset long-term to get and keep you healthy.

(26:50) A client’s success story; building good habits.

(29:40) The 5 principles, in summary.