Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: May 2017

May: make sure you send your mom flowers!

For our consistent newsletter readers, we hope the videos and articles keep you motivated to stay healthy.

For our new readers, we educate our patients that want to learn why and how to start and keep healthy habits.

Here are the health articles, talks covered in March 2017 and this month’s events:

Scar Tissue: Origin and Prevention

The cause of scar tissue formation and the resulting arthritis.  The #1 treatment for removal. Watch Now

Carlos, “I went back to work like a champ.”

“To all my brothers (and sisters) these guys are very professional and reliable… Read More

Sitting Posture Checklist

So what is good sitting posture? Follow the 30 second checklist and in a few weeks it will become your routine.  Watch now

Back Pain/Accident Recovery- Shantal

Shantal felt back pain weeks after an accident. She knew something was wrong.  Watch now

Back Pain & Neuropathy Recovery – Danny’s Case

Danny spine (via x-ray) had limited motion causing disc space narrowing. Watch his spinal recovery and quality of life improve. Watch Now

Danny’s Story of Back/Spine Recovery

Danny’s second time coming to our office he was patient to feel better AND see the x-ray improvement. Watch Now

Check your Low Back Motion

All motions should be full and pain-free to have a healthy back.  If not, see the detailed steps and solutions BEFORE having a spinal condition. Watch now.

Edsvin P., “I feel refreshed when leaving the office.”

“The chiropractor has helped me in my recovery.  Every time I have had strenuous day of work, or a workout, I would pop right into the office…read more

Here are less than a minute clips from our Workshops:

Part 4: LESS Spinal Motion leads to STRESS Hormone Release

Part 5: Chronic Sympathetic Stress Response and a Recovery Story

Part 6 of 6: Parasympathetic Relaxed Nerve Response for Health

Importance of Video to Educate Patients

May Events:

16th: Gibson Center: “Walking to Strengthen Your Spine” Location: Gibson Senior Center.  250 N 3rd Ave, Upland, CA 91786. RSVP optional @909-981-4581. Time: 12:30-1:15

24th: In-Office workshop: “The Nervous System-Health Connection” 6:30-7PM.  RSVP encouraged.  Handouts included.

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