Improve your Physical Training with the Proper Mindset. Know these Common Blockers & Enhancers. Derek & Dr. Tony. May ’22. Crooked Spine Show

Sports Psychology is a huge part in get athletes to perform at the next level; along with weekend warriors like myself. Derek trains kids that want to get to the next level in college or beyond as well as people that have hit a wall in respect to improving strength, losing weight to look and feel great. In today’s workshop Derek explains how you think will affect your performance in a sport or when you train. And by continually learning you can enjoy a long, health life; and then help others do the same.

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Here are the show notes:

Emotional Blockers: Fear, Worry.

Heart Enhancers: Humility, Gratefulness.

Mind: Blockers or Enhancers: Patience, Knowledge, Wisdom.

Dr. Tony’s addition:

Wisdom (experience +. knowledge) can then turn into being a competent teacher/coach with patience/time.