How Sara & Anastasia Coach Healthy Habits so You Recover and Stay Well WITHOUT Changing your Life. Crooked Spine Show

Nurses do a lot to help people in medical settings. These two go above and beyond to help coach clients to get and stay healthy once your home. Sara and Anastasia are registered nurses who work their shifts, then share their wellness knowledge daily on social media and clients. It’s much easier to trust coaches that practice staying healthy everyday.

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(4:40) Who they are and why coaching.

(7:30) First, helping clients change their mindset.

(11:40) How to know when you are stressed. 

(13:00) Using physical activity to lower stress. How EVLO works. 

(17:00) Giving yourself grace and focussing on the big picture; using your WHY. 

(21:40) Importance of accountability partners work. 

(23:50) Avoid professional burnout by using a coach. 

(26:40) Your diet can help or hurt your stress levels. 

(28:30) Importance of sleep and how to improve it. 

(33:30) Using the 4-7-8 breathing to lower stress. 

(37:40) What to expect when working with Sara & Anastasia.