How did Dr. Peebles became a Great Communicator, Helping Spread Chiropractic to her Community. Crooked Spine Show

Communication in the doctor-patient relationship is one of the most important keys to improving your health.  Is there a chiropractor who communicates the “what we do” in an entertaining and educational way? I think Dr. Peebles the owner of Pro Health Family Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri is a great example. Her published book, “Sex Sent Me To The Chiropractor” exemplifies her passion to help people understand the benefits of chiropractic. In this interview you will watch and hear Dr. Peebles genuine desire to help her clients and the community.

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-Why did you feel a need to open your own chiropractic office?

-Where did you learn the art of the “Bed Side Manner”, and how important is it in helping patients?

-Are there specific questions you ask new patients who are dealing with chronic pain?

-How do you explain “how chiropractic works” with patients, your community, etc. ?

-Why is chiropractic care important pre and post surgery?

-What benefits can athletes have from experiencing chiropractic care? Can you give some examples of athletes you have helped?

-“Sex Sent Me To The Chiropractor.” Why write it and how has it helped?

-How do you stay passionate about helping your patients?

-Why is helping in the community important to you?