Fix Your Training and Eating to See Results for a Lifetime. Guest Mollie Ferguson, RD explains. Crooked Spine Show

When you want to get healthy, where do you start? There are so many physical fitness programs and diet out there it’s overwhelming. Then your friends have their ideas too. Mollie Ferguson is a registered dietician and functional medicine clinician. She helps clients improve their physical health and adjust their nutritional intake for better results. Mollie also uses genetic and other lab testing to understand your unique strength and weakness when training and eating.

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Your exercise steps.

Eating a balanced plate.

Mindset of grace; small steps when creating a lifetime routine.

Reverse dieting.

Importance of fiber, hydration, sleep, your proteins, the right oils.

Genetic testing: how to get it done to find out way to improve your food absorption and best ways to exercise.

And more.