Feeling Stressed? This might be the Reason. In-office Talk May ’19 (repost). Crooked Spine Show

The human body is built to handle stress when it’s healthy. Optimal health is achieve when we balance good nutrition and exercise with the stressors in our lives. When Stress (physical and mental) becomes overweight, then our body’s alarm system (nerves) start to fire.  This talk will explain how Chiropractic helps calm your nerves so you can return your optimal health. Listen in.

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(3:50) How the body connects together.

(8:50) Nerves health: healthy to irritated to low voltage.

(15:10) How to reduce/stop taking pain medications.

(19:30) Nerve chart (mapping your health conditions).

-Here is the link. Effect on muscle pain, nutrition.


(24:20) How sleep deprivation is a sign of being in a stress state.

(32:25) P.M.A -your motivation to get better.

(31:50) H.N.S. -#1 reason for health/sickness.