Digestive Pain? Heartburn?Natural Foods/Supplements to Heal you Heal.Guest Olivia at Honor Your Core

Having digestion problems or heartburn is no joke.  You can choose to treat the problems through medicine, drugs or surgery; or naturally that can heal the condition causing problems. Olivia is a certified nutritionist specializing in gallbladder and liver conditions. In this interview she will help you understand how your digestive organs function, and give you natural ways to heal your gut through foods, supplements, and much more. Checkout the show.

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(5:30) Normal medical pathway to treat digestive issues.

(6:45) Why check with a GI specialist for specific testing.

(9:45) Factors that effect gallbladder, liver function.

(14:30) Supplements benefit to your gallbladder, liver.

(16:45) The Phase 1 and 2 of liver detox; including foods, exercise, chiropractic, etc.

(28:30) Olivia’s free .pdf of Friendly Foods for the Gallbladder and Liver – https://honoryourcore.ck.page/cfa6fefe36

(39:20) Does size matter? How to manage food portions.

(47:00) Food reflection explained.

(50:30) Olivia’s takeaways.