Speaking at Health Science and Medical Technology, Upland HS. Fall 2019

Written in 5th century B.C.

Adjustment video #1 (Start at 2:14)

Adjustment Video #2

Last Semester’s Upland HS Interns -Sarafin, Kassidy

Intern’s Story – Natalie

Here’s also the agenda for the talks…

First video (start at 2:14)

We need more healthcare professionals -is it you?  

Is high school classes really important? 5% rule. 

Sorry, science classes/good grades are required.

1. staying focussed, don’t be average, your friends. 

Reputation vs. Character

How do you learn (listen/video/writing, etc.) ; where you learn

Plan ahead -what does your next school require?

Video 2 -Mars

Do you care? Test -Talking to older people, helping. 

Why internships/volunteering is important -Samantha

  1. to find a job

  2. how being a techie can help

Why, NOW is the best time to volunteer. 

My volunteer story. 

Who are (or can be) your mentors?  How they help you. 

Video 4 -Sarafin, Kassidy

1st impression- important?

PMA, always with patients. 

Patient Exam -like attracts like. Practice.

Patient stories. -Why she did not wake up. 

Be the exception -LISTEN. and stay quiet.

How do YOU relax to Learn/stay healthy.

1. sitting, standing, exercising. 


Here is my talk at this class last Spring

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