Your Healthy Heart-How to Lower Stress and Stay Healthy. @Brookdale Jan. | Crooked Spine Show

Your heart heart is vital to stay alive and healthy.  Certain stresses can damage the heart and its function, sometimes with no signs.  This talk explains some of these problems, solutions; and how your environment, diet, ans exercise can help or hurt your heart.

Highlights (podcast times):

(1:30) How different exercises affect your heart.

(6:00) How the muscle and heart muscles repair differently.

(8:25) Side Q/A: knee surgery recovery help.

(11:45) Cold weather effect on heart and body.

(16:20) Supplements vs. Medications for your heart & blood pressure.

(22:20) Stress effect on the heart; and solutions.

(28:15) How olive and other oils help/hurt.

(30:20) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

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