Better Balance, Less Falls with These Exercises. #crookedspineshow

Performing specific exercises regularly can improve your balance and strength; this will lead to less falls and injuries. This workshop will explain and demonstrate simple home exercises that improve motion in your lower body to help you improve balance with strength.

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(2:30) While in bed, start with ankle motion.

(4:00) Knee motion exercise.

(6:40) Using a tennis ball (or something similar) for feet stimulation.

(9:00) A hip motion exercise.

(12:00) Sitting checklist for better posture/balance.

(14:00) Feet position for back strength.

(15:00) Properly using a walker.

(18:30) Exercises for better balance standing.

(30:00) Leg crossover exercise.

(33:30) Lunge exercise for balance.

(34:40) The Dos and Don’ts if your going to fall.

(38:40) Hip stretch with a strap.