Fix Hunchback Posture Anywhere-Exercise#2

In our first video, we explain how to diagnose hunchback posture, different treatments and exercise #1.
Fix Hunchback Posture: Treatments and Exercise #1

This second exercise can be performed anywhere, even when wearing a tie (see video).

Exercise Steps:

  1. Go on your knees and hands.  Set your posture with your head relaxed.

  2. Reach in front of you with one arm, level with your body.

  3. Pull your arm back, so your elbow touches your side as your shoulder blade moves in.

  4. Extend arm out in front to return to your starting point, and open the shoulder blade.

Everyone’s body is at a unique state of health.

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Here is all 3 exercises for hunchback posture:

Fix Hunchback Posture: 3 Best Exercises

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