Identifying High Functioning Anxiety, How to Overcome it, and Support People that Have it.

Layne Vanlieshout founder of LV Wellness explains. Crooked Spine Show Podcast Episode.

Do you love to work until your exhausted? Your boss or family make encourage it, but it could be hurting your health long-term? In today’s podcast Layne helps us learn to self-assess ourselves physically, psychologically and emotionally to see if we need to adjust our activity, diet, sleep and other parts of our lifestyle to not allow our body get and stay in a stress or anxious state. Listen in.

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*Layne’s background and her specific passion to help.

*Defining high functioning anxiety. How it changes your stress hormones, effect libido, etc.

*How rest is productive.

*Low energy? Do you have this normal cortisol cycle?

*How would your medical doctor help you?

*Why is medicating a hormonal imbalance not helping your body.

*How Layne assesses a client’s lifestyle and their self-care.

*Adjusting your daily routine to protect your energy.

*Our nervous system’s change to short & long-term stress.

*How language affect your anxiety levels.

*Starting to build habits to reduce internal and external stressors. Your beverage and food choices matter.

*Can changing your cooking oils help? When to eat out.

*Importance of movement to reduce stress/anxiety; but balance with rest.

*Layne’s new group coaching option explained. Live, include labs, community support, etc.

*Layne’s Free Energy Rescue E-Book. How it can help you.

*Layne’s takeaway. Listen to your body.