Neck Pain Recovery: Find Out Why & How to Fix it. Exercises Demonstrated. @Gibson March ’23

Neck Pain can cause physical as well as psychological stress. Your recovery is based on a proper assessment to find the cause of your neck pain. Initial treatment will help reduce the pain; and continued treatment to strengthen your body to handle the stress of your day. This will allow the pain not to return. Learn these exercises in this workshop.

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Outline for the workshop–

The causes: -traumatic, poor posture, lifestyle/exercise habits.

The symptoms: pain (around the neck & head), headaches, dizziness, radiating neurological signs (sharp, numb, weakness, tingling, burning).

Assessing your neck: R.O.M., posture check, x-ray analyis (if needed).

When chiropractic can help. (posture, disc healing, nerve symptom reduction, improve joint motion, guidance in building an exercise routine, etc.)

Start with these stretches:

-pillow stretch

-corner stretch

-upper trap stretch

Build strength/endurance:

-3 shoulders