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Spinal Motion to Health Loop (Full Video) @Gibson Feb. ’17

Spinal motion (normal or limited) effects your internal health to keep you relax or stressed. Motion affects your body’s nerves, chemistry, and hormone levels. The show link has the full diagram of this feedback loop explained and 6 small videos (links below) that explains the highlights.

When you understand how your joint motion (80% from your spinal joints) controls your health, then you have value to have a full range of motion in all your joints.

The Highlights

Part 1: Nerves Connecting Joints to the Brain

Part 2: Chemicals Connecting Brain to Adrenals

Part 3: Hormones connecting Adrenals to the Whole Body

Part 4: LESS Spinal Motion leads to STRESS Hormone Release

Part 5: Chronic Sympathetic Stress Response and a Recovery Story

Part 6 of 6: Parasympathetic Relaxed Nerve Response for Health

Other highlights (min):

Understanding Homeostasis (19)

Hormone Balance ->Better Sleep (23)

Injury/Surgery Recovery & Scar Tissue (27)

Everyone is at a unique state of health.

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Forward Head Posture: Exam and Recovery


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Forward Head Posture (FHP) causes a wide variety of symptoms from neck/shoulder/upper back pain, headaches to neuropathy to the arms and lower body.  FHP is an x-ray term used to identify the head and neck in front of the body (see image).

Normal left; FHP right.

This term has been published by Don and Deed Harrison, founders of Chiropractic Biophysics.  There assessment and correction techniques of the spine is engineering and physics based, giving it credibility and reliability.

FHP is a condition that can start at any age.  As a youth, carrying a heavy back pack; as a adult, prolonged sitting without corrective, posture exercises; and as a senior, a sedentary lifestyle.

Examination of FHP occurs best with an x-ray analysis, since it is a radiography-diagnosed condition.

This is an example of how the FHP can be measured:

This distance between the back of the C2 vertebrae and vertical can cause symptoms at any measurement, but more commonly above 15mm.

The corrective treatment of FHP occurs naturally with Chiropractic, traction, and posture exercises.

Recovery occurs overtime a specific frequency of treatment.  A patient’s x-ray can be corrected to a better normal, and their symptoms can reduced or disappear.

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Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: July 2017

August…Ready for more heat?

For our newsletter consistent readers, we hope the videos and articles keep you motivated to stay healthy.

For our new readers, we educate our patients that want to learn why and how to start and keep healthy habits.

Here are the health articles, testimonials, talks covered in July 2017 and this month’s events:

Scoliosis: Everything to Need to Know

A parent is their child’s #1 healthcare advocate.  By educating yourself about scoliosis and other common child conditions, you can keep kids healthy.  Watch these videos now.

Improve your Poor Posture with the Reverse Fly Exercise

If you think you have poor posture and/or hunchback posture, here is a way to help fix it.   Watch Now.

Sport’s Injury Recovery-Oscar’s story

Oscar is seventeen years old and has played soccer since four.   Soccer is the number two leader in concussions, so its no surprise that he may have had some injuries in the past.  Watch Now.

How Oscar’s X-ray Analysis helped his Neck Pain/Sport Injury Recovery

Oscar’s x-ray analysis helps explained how Chiropractic was successful in his recovery and preventing future re-injuries as he continues to play soccer.  Watch Now.

FREE from 15 Years of Daily Medications. -Janis

“Through regular adjustments, following Dr. Tony’s videos on stretching & strengthening exercises…I’m now completely off all the drugs feeling healthy, & happy.”  Read her full testimonial.

Stop Chronic Pain Relief through Medications: Your Alternative

Medication misuse…The blame has been put on the patient in the past, and now the national medical association is seeing their fault.  Watch Now.

Car Accident 100% Recovery- Camille’s story

After the accident the pain became almost unbearable pain during all physical movement.  Difficulty walking, sleeping, and constant headaches.  Medications were not working.  Watch Now.

Standing Hamstring Stretch for a Strong Back

Usually a weak, painful back can be correlated with tight hamstrings (located behind your upper legs).  This exercise with help relax your hamstrings BEFORE starting back strength exercises.  Watch Now.

Here are less than a minute clips from our Workshops:

How does Poor Posture Stress Your Body?

Best Way to Tell your Business Story NOW and get Ranked #1 on Google @ San Antonio HS

Using a Walker/Cane Properly

Here are the Full Videos filmed in July:

Chat to help Neuropathy Recovery @ Gibson July ’17

July Events:

15th: Gibson Center: “Building Back Strength”.  Location: Gibson Senior Center.  250 N 3rd Ave, Upland, CA 91786. RSVP optional @909-981-4581. Time: 12:30-1:15

19th: Parent Scoliosis Education In-Office workshop: 10-11AM. RSVP encouraged.  Handouts included.

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