Spinal Motion to Health Loop (Full Video) @Gibson Feb. ’17

Spinal motion (normal or limited) effects your internal health to keep you relax or stressed. Motion affects your body’s nerves, chemistry, and hormone levels. The show link has the full diagram of this feedback loop explained and 6 small videos (links below) that explains the highlights.

When you understand how your joint motion (80% from your spinal joints) controls your health, then you have value to have a full range of motion in all your joints.

The Highlights

Part 1: Nerves Connecting Joints to the Brain

Part 2: Chemicals Connecting Brain to Adrenals

Part 3: Hormones connecting Adrenals to the Whole Body

Part 4: LESS Spinal Motion leads to STRESS Hormone Release

Part 5: Chronic Sympathetic Stress Response and a Recovery Story

Part 6 of 6: Parasympathetic Relaxed Nerve Response for Health

Other highlights (min):

Understanding Homeostasis (19)

Hormone Balance ->Better Sleep (23)

Injury/Surgery Recovery & Scar Tissue (27)

Everyone is at a unique state of health.

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