Forward Head Posture: Exam and Recovery


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Forward Head Posture (FHP) causes a wide variety of symptoms from neck/shoulder/upper back pain, headaches to neuropathy to the arms and lower body.  FHP is an x-ray term used to identify the head and neck in front of the body (see image).

Normal left; FHP right.

This term has been published by Don and Deed Harrison, founders of Chiropractic Biophysics.  There assessment and correction techniques of the spine is engineering and physics based, giving it credibility and reliability.

FHP is a condition that can start at any age.  As a youth, carrying a heavy back pack; as a adult, prolonged sitting without corrective, posture exercises; and as a senior, a sedentary lifestyle.

Examination of FHP occurs best with an x-ray analysis, since it is a radiography-diagnosed condition.

This is an example of how the FHP can be measured:

This distance between the back of the C2 vertebrae and vertical can cause symptoms at any measurement, but more commonly above 15mm.

The corrective treatment of FHP occurs naturally with Chiropractic, traction, and posture exercises.

Recovery occurs overtime a specific frequency of treatment.  A patient’s x-ray can be corrected to a better normal, and their symptoms can reduced or disappear.

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