Your Prep to Become a Successful Healthcare Professional. Period 5 @Upland HS Fall ’19. Crooked Spine Show

Did your doctor learn this in school? Does he/she have good doctor-patient bedside manners? This workshop gives students tips to learn the art of listening and helping people as a healthcare professional. Listen in.

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(1:00) How to practice listening.

(3:00) Becoming a healthcare professional worth the cost?

(4:40) Practicing self-discipline.

(6:20) Importance of the first impression.

(8:40) Mar’s adjustment video.

(12:50) Learning your art through practice and time.

(19:20) Are adjustments risky?

(20:40) Patient exam tips. Sarah’s LIVE adjustment.

(32:50) Why do people think the adjustment is scary.

(36:30) How to get an internship; why it’s important.

(40:00) Interns tell their story (video).

(45:15) Dr. Tony’s wrap.