Your Nervous System Keeps your Body & Mind Healthy Under Stress. Christiana Patterson Teaches You How. Crooked Spine Show

Learn How to Keep Your Nervous System Healthy, Naturally. Your body has an internal intelligence to adapt to stressors in our lives. This is your nervous system, including your brain. In my interview with Christina, she explains how your nervous system works to give you signs when it feels unhealthy. Then actions you can take to improve your nervous system to feel relaxed, happy and energized again.

Outline for today’s show—

1. Intro: Why it may be important after stress to “retune” the nervous system

2. How do I know if my nervous system needs help?        – Symptoms       – Self assessments

3. 3 Natural Ways:       – Body postures       – Addressing the Gut Brain       – Activating the Vagus Nerve

4. How do I know if I need more help than doing it on my own?       – Where can I turn?

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