Your Health Requires Joint Motion. Here is Why and How to Improve it (replay). Crooked Spine Show

Spinal motion (normal or limited) effects your internal health to keep you relax or stressed. Motion affects your body’s nerves, chemistry, and hormone levels. When you understand how your joint motion (70% from your spinal joints) controls your health, then you have value to have a full range of motion in all your joints. Checkout this workshop at the Gibson Center in Upland from March 2017 to understand the details.

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(1:30) How spinal motion works different other joints.

(2:50) How your brain knows if your joints are moving properly.

(5:20) Then Brain’s control of hormonal release in the body through the adrenals.

(7:10) How our nerves keep our body relaxed or stressed.

(12:30) What is arthritis?

(13:50) How spinal motion loss can lead to heart problems, high blood pressure; the Stress Response.

(15:50) Now, how normal spinal motion keeps you in a relaxed state.

(17:40) How sleep is effected by your nerves.

(19:40) Homeostasis: how your body adapts; how spinal joint motion helps.

(28:00) Spinal motion directly effects your body’s ability to relax or stay stressed.