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David had seen a chiropractor before for his 10+ years of back pain.  No results and frustrated.  Approaching retirement, he did not want to have surgery or live on medications.

David tells his story (short video).

We approached David’s problem in a different way: we started with an x-ray.

These are the steps how David is now pain-free.

Start with understanding a normal low back/lumbar x-ray:

The image has a normal curve and spinal disc space (I’m pointing too).  This keeps the spinal joints moving, the spinal disc healthy.  Then the spine can recovery from injury easily.

David’s x-ray BEFORE treatment:

The disc space is narrowed (I’m pointing to).  This is due to the spine losing motion, then the disc will narrow to pinch the nerve.  Then constant pain can occur.

David started treatment: chiropractic adjustments, icing, stretching.  After 10+ years of constant back pain and few months of our treatment, David is pain-free without surgeries or medications.

Looking for back and neck pain relief through a chiropractor can be your answer.  Getting an x-ray analysis BEFORE and AFTER treatment can help improve your chances to be as happy as David.

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